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Gua Sha Facial & Acupressure Massage Tool

Gua Sha Facial & Acupressure Massage Tool



 ~ Watch How To Facial Acupressure Massage Video ~


~ Watch How To Gua Sha Facial Video ~

Purchase Includes:

• 1 x Gua Sha Facial & Acupressure Massage Tool

• 1 x Lémore Velvet Carrying Pouch

• 1 x Gua Sha Facial How To Infographic

• 1 x Facial Acupressure Points Infographic

PLUS helpful How To Videos for your viewing ANYTIME!


Gua Sha Facial & Acupressure Massage Benefits:

• Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
• Relieve facial tension
• Improve blood flow
• Activate lymphatic drainage
• Enhance skincare absorption
= Relaxed, lifted, toned, radiant appearance!

Our Gua Sha Tool Quality:

Not all Gua Sha Facial Tools are created equal. Here’s what we look for to determine quality:
• Is it smooth without defects (cuts, holes, scratches)?
• Does it glide effortlessly on your skin?
• Does it have a defined groove to target areas like your jawline and activate your acupressure points?
• Is it the right size so you can hold it easily throughout your facial massage?
• Is it thick enough (not flimsy)?
• Is it a material you are happy with (Aventurine, Jade, Quartz, etc.)?

Gua Sha Facial Massage Technique:

1. On clean skin, gently begin your Gua Sha Facial Massage (watch video for tips). The tool should glide effortlessly across your skin. Wet your tool with water as needed.
2. After your facial massage, gently press either Illuminating or Toning Facial Serum mixed with water into your skin - Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, and Cuticles
⬩PRO TIP⬩ Is your skin generally dry? Do you live in a low humidity climate (i.e. desert)? Are you experiencing harsh winters? If yes, we recommend prepping your clean skin with Illuminating Facial Serum before AND after your Gua Sha Facial Massage for amazing results! :)
3. Gently clean your tool with warm water & soap or cleanser for your next Gua Sha Facial Massage!

Facial Acupressure Massage Technique:

1. Start with clean skin & clean tool
2. Gently close your eyes and breathe deeply from your belly. Smile :)
3. Activate your acupressure points from top to bottom - You can refer to our acupressure points infographic or watch video for tips
4. Drain away lymph fluids by gliding the tool down your neck towards the collarbone
5. Rub your palms together to create heat then gently place them over your eyes. Inhale through your nose, hold for three seconds, and exhale through your mouth all the way. Repeat for two more breaths.
⬩PRO TIP⬩ To deeply nourish your skin: Warm a mix of either Illuminating or Toning Facial Serum & water between your palms then gently press into your skin - Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, and Cuticles.
6. Clean your tool with warm water & soap/cleanser for your next Facial Acupressure Massage!


↠ Enhance Your Facial Massage ↞

Dry, mature, sensitive skin? ➫ Illuminating Facial Serum
Oily, blemish-prone, clogged skin? ➫ Toning Facial Serum


How To Store Your Tool:

Fully dry then store your clean tool in our Lémore velvet carrying pouch for added protection and portability wherever you go! These tools are somewhat fragile so please handle with care.


Using facial serum before massage can be slippery and is an acquired skill. We recommend starting with water to get comfortable with your tool before incorporating facial serums. Place a soft towel underneath you during your facial massage for added protection. 

Our tools are made from high-quality Green Aventurine for an extremely smooth and gentle facial massage experience. This type of gemstone is known as the stone of opportunity, abundance, and good luck.

Don’t be alarmed if your tool looks a little different than the photo on our website. Due to natural variations in gemstones, each Gua Sha Facial & Acupressure Massage Tool is unique in pattern and color. We meticulously inspect the quality of each tool to make sure it meets all the requirements above prior to shipping.

Consistency is key here to see and maintain your results. The healing & beautifying benefits are also synergistic with a holistic lifestyle - adequate sleep, healthy diet (more whole foods / less processed foods), exercise (cardio & strength training), yoga/meditation (to manage and lower stress), gentle nourishing skincare products (skin is our largest organ).

As always, it’s about baby steps and listening to your skin. Ultimately, do what works for YOU!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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