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Holistic beauty through natural products, healthy food, exercise, yoga, and meditation.


100% Natural. No toxic chemicals, irritating preservatives, or synthetic fragrances.

Cruelty Free
at Heart

100% Vegan. Made with love and compassion for all living creatures and the environment.

Minimalist Quality

Think cold-pressed, unrefined, nontoxic, organic, and sustainably sourced.


Every ingredient is hand-picked and harmoniously blended with intention.

Our Commitments

  • High-Performance Products for All Skin Types
  • Sustainably Produced in California
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  • Handcrafted with Love


“Eczema, acne, and sunspots left me feeling insecure about my skin. Leaving the house without makeup was not an option. Determined to find a solution, I tried countless drugstore and name brand products without success. Then I learned that those products had toxins, irritants and cheap fillers in them to boost profits. None of these products were FDA approved and many were made overseas. Finally, after discovering many products contained animal products and are often tested on animals, I decided there had to be a better way. 
Using my science degree from UCLA and my career in Chromatography and Pharmaceuticals, I set out to create something better for myself. Within a few months, my skin cleared up and I started getting frequent compliments and inquiries about what I was using. Although we never intended to turn this into a business, everyone wanted to know my secret so Lémore was born to share our effective, holistic products with the world!”

Our goal is to help you go #FoundationFree

With love & gratitude,

Sinyoung Cohan

Founder & Formulator

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